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Dance For All is excited to announce that we are joining UCLA Arts & Healing!
For more information, visit their website.

Dance For All: Where Everyone’s a Star is a therapeutic movement program for teens and adults with developmental disabilities.  The program offers yoga and dance classes, as well as performance opportunities in the City of Santa Monica and its surrounding communities.  The Dance For All environment values each dancer as an important part of a team while stimulating personal growth.

At Dance For All, we strive to bring our dancer’s voice and creativity to the community, and to provide the community with the delight of our dancer’s expression. We need your support to continue. Your donation will: 

-Provide scholarship opportunities to dancers in need.

-Bring our dancer’s spirit and voice to the community through performance.

Offer more classes!

-Expand the visibility of the power of dance.

Please Click Here to contribute to our program’s success!!!

Our Core Values At Dance For All we believe that everyone has expressive power, potential and beauty. Through dance, yoga and performance opportunities for teens and adults with developmental disabilities, we build a community that cultivates self-esteem and empowers individuals to find their vision, voice and leadership.

From a Parent “Elisa has been in Chance to Dance and Dance For All since the inception of the original program in the fall of 1996. Dancing with these programs has been beneficial in many ways. For someone like Elisa whose cognitive and verbal expression are limited, dance has been a wonderful vehicle for her to express herself and her joyful and sensitive soul. Dance class is also a social environment where she is fully accepted and appreciated, which helps bolster both her social skills and her self-esteem. Also, as another place where Elisa can have fun exercising, Dance For All promotes her good health and also contributes to her seeing herself as a physical being. DFA has given her the experience of performing in front of a group, as well as an audience, which has given her the ease to do this comfortably, and also the joy of experiencing people responding positively to her. As Elisa’s mother, I have always wanted Elisa to participate in activities that she enjoys and to have as rich a life as possible despite her limitations. I also want to surround her with people that truly care about her and want to contribute to her joy, sense of well-being, and good self-esteem. It fills my heart when I see her happy and when she tells me, “I love my life!” I know DFA has helped Elisa feel that way about her life.” – Lora, Parent

From a Dancer “When I dance I feel as free as a bird. I can be free to dance all kinds of dancing styles. When I dance I can try something different than I thought…I get into the moves and become a part of the character of the dance. When I dance I become more open to different experiences, with friends and people I never imagined. I’ve met so many new people that are like sisters to me. The teachers make me feel very warm inside. My friends aren’t afraid to let me be myself and try new things. I feel a kind of Ohana, a family, in Dance for All.” – Lisa “D,” Dancer